Our Services
Oil and Gas - Sales & Supply of Oil Field Materials

As a service company in the oil and gas sector, we provide our clients with Engineering, construction, maintenance and procurement Services. We supply oil field materials like Pipes, Valves , Pumps, Actuators, Premium Compounds, Laminated sheets etc.


We carry engineering consultation services from the initial phase to project completion, considering available options to determine the best approach to help you reach your goals; we provide comprehensive solutions to all land and site development needs


We do general procurement for large organizations in different industries by sourcing materials/items from Original equipment manufacturers {OEM} in different continents of the world

Environmental Services

As a leader in oilfield drilling and environmental management, Lenuzon develops site-specific solutions that help our customers protect the environment, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Sales, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment and PPE Kits

We deliver innovative safety solutions covering Sales, installation and Maintenance of fire fighting equipment and a range of Oil field safety equipment and PPE kit which include but not limited to Safety harness, Safety boots, hand gloves, first aid kit, protective goggle, crash helmets, live jacket, reflective jackets and overall, etc.

Marine services

With our experienced supply chain personnel, we are able to provide maintenance and procurement services to maritime companies/organizations.