Engineering and Construction Consultancy Services!
Engineering and Construction consultancy Services

Engineering and Construction consultancy Services

Lenuzon is an emerging engineering company offering integrated structural engineering solutions and related value chain services. Our teams are able to design, develop and execute master piece engineering projects that require the highest level of technical expertise and Nigeria-specific know-how with global practice benchmark.

Lenuzon has developed the capacity for developing environmental friendly construction works that comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements. We also able to provide our clients with insights and guidance in such areas as global industrial products, global engineering and construction industry, cost reduction, sourcing strategies and supply chain management to ensure you have premium value for your investment

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Integrity, High performance, Commitment, Trust--- breaking limits.




To achieve this vision, Lenuzon has established plans to introduce global market leaders with state of the art technologies into the Africa market place.

Lenuzon is also poised and not limited to creating jobs and adding value to both young and old within the Africa continent.

The map to guide us through the route to fulfilling destiny is firmly impeded in our Vision, Mission and organizational core Values.