Lenuzon At a Glance!

Lenuzon Limited is an indigenous African Company incorporated in Nigeria with operating office sited in Lagos, Nigeria. The company was established 29th September, 2012 with full operations embarked upon in the first quarter of 2013, with the intent of positioning the entity within the Oil and Gas sector with the aim of delivering cutting edge solutions through dynamically sought opportunities.

The Company is a client, marketing Oriented outfit equipped with experienced professionals with several years in the oil and gas and diverse industries, with tremendous skills and reputation for undertaking quality products and services and projects in the Energy, technical consultancy services, EPC, human and environmental protection and government relations. To position us globally, our team has been able to collaborate, making use of their expertise, to establish a local presence, to BREAK LIMITS in the highest levels of professionalism.

Lenuzon Limited offers original and state of the art products which sets them apart in the market place, represents and aspires to represent a large number of companies in the exploration and production sub sectors and to give specific assistance to operators in the downstream and service sectors on licensing and regulatory practices. The company has a formidable management team led by Nelson Ifeanyichukwu OKOLI (B-Eng.)

Social Responsibility

Health, safety and environment.

With the knowledge that accidents/injuries are avoidable, Lenuzon therefore makes it unacceptable in her operations. Thia is why why we adopt an integration of efficient and effective safety management system that will rigorously put in place, accident prevention program through a well-structured Health, safety and environmental program, so as to:

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Integrity, High performance, Commitment, Trust--- breaking limits.




To achieve this vision, Lenuzon has established plans to introduce global market leaders with state of the art technologies into the Africa market place.

Lenuzon is also poised and not limited to creating jobs and adding value to both young and old within the Africa continent.

The map to guide us through the route to fulfilling destiny is firmly impeded in our Vision, Mission and organizational core Values.