Lenuzon Limited
Engineering & Construction Consultancy

Lenuzon is an emerging engineering company offering integrated structural engineering solutions and related value chain services.

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Human Safety & Environmental Protection

We build large and resilient production platforms and use new technologies to reach as much oil and gas as possible.

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Expertise Engineering Solutions

We carry out engineering consultation services from the initial phase to project completion, considering available options to determine the best approach to help you reach your goals; we provide comprehensive solutions to all land and site development needs.

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Our Product Range
Oil Field Materials

We supply oil field materials like Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Actuators, Premium Compounds, Laminated sheets etc.

Safety Equipment and PPE Kits

We deal on a range of Oil field safety equipment and PPE kit which include but not limited to Safefy harness, Safety boots, handgloves, first aid kit, protective goggle, crash helmets, live jacket, reflective jackets and overall, etc


Breaking limits to become a key player in the Africa market


To achieve this vision, Lenuzon has established plans to introduce global market leaders with state of the art technologies into the Africa market place.

Lenuzon is also poised and not limited to creating jobs and adding value to both young and old within the Africa continent. The map to guide us through the route to fulfilling destiny is firmly impeded in our Vision, Mission and organizational core Values.


Integrity, High performance, Commitment, Trust--- breaking limits

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